Finished size 5 inches (15 cms) diameter

Use Mary’s picture as guide, in case you get confused by my poor instructions.Thank you MARY!

- 100% cotton thread, size # 10 colors white and other color that you choice, amount needed for each color.
- Steel crochet hook, size 4 (2.00 mm) or size needed for gauge.


Begin your work with other color that you choice of thread.
Ch 9, join with slip st to form a ring.
Row 1: 1 ch inside the ring, 20 sc; join with slip st to first sc.
Row 2: * 19 ch, skip 2 next sc, sc in next sc*; repeat from * around. You should have 7 rings of 19 chs.


Now work each petal this way:
Row 1: Fill petal * 3 ch count as first dc, 13 dc, 3 ch, 14 dc* repeat from * for each petal. You should have 7 petals, 14 sets of 14 dc and 7 ch 5 sps
Row 2: *14 dc (3 ch counts as first dc) each dc in 14 dc’s of previous row, in 3 ch space 3 dc, 3 ch, 3dc, 14 dc in 14 dc’s of previous row * repeat from * for each petal . You should have in each petal 17 dc, 3 ch, 17 dc.
Cut and weave the thread.
Attach white crochet cotton thread in the first petal.
Row 3: Same as row 2. You should have in each petal 20 dc, 3ch, 20 dc.
Row 4: Same as row 3. You should have in each petal 23 dc, 3 ch, 23 dc.
Row 5: Same as row 4. You should have in each petal 26 dc, 3 ch, 26 dc.
At that moment you should have 2 rows in any color thread and 3 rows in white color thread.


Turn your work, attach any color thread fold like a picture.
Do the filet row,* 3ch count as first dc, 2ch, 1 dc, skip 1 dc* of previous row repeat from * around..
Start the filet row in the top of any point.
See the drawing, join X with Y with dc.
Note: With filet you join the points and form the pinwheel, please see the pic.


In each stitch of filet: * sc, picot ( 3 ch, slip st in last sc), sc * repeat from * around.


You can buy a plastic ring and fill in it with sc or you can do it with thread this way:
Wrap your thread around your fingers, 6 times. Pull it of carefully leaving a hole in the center, this is where you will crochet with sc around. I can not say the number of sc, depends the size of the ring.
Sew the ring to the potholder in any petal.
Join weave in all threads and block
And That’s it, It’s ready your Pinwheel Potholder!

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